DTP & Graphic Design


We’re always focused on giving you nothing but the best, with our variety of services, quality, and delicate understanding of what you need; we’re very excited to tool you up with one of our most creative service: graphic designing, web designing and development.

Our graphic design studio provides you with professional desktop-publishing (DTP) and preparation of artwork for printing.

Our expert designers and production staff can explain and resolve any technical issues to ensure your project runs smoothly, and guarantee all deadlines are met.


Comprehensive DTP Services Includes:

  • Design and implementation of single-sourcing solutions.
  • DTP quality assurance checks.
  • Font management, formatting and page layout.
  • Work with mark-up languages such as HTML, XML, Acrobat PDF and various others.
  • Extraction of content for translation from any DTP application or format.
  • Generation of Postscript and PDF files for online and print publication.
  • Creating & editing graphics & screen shots (diagrams, illustration, screen captures, graphics).


We Work With

Diwan Business Solution has the ability to deal with files in both Macintosh and Windows platforms.


We are also able to handle files ranging across a variety of formats including:

  • Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Word)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe In-Design
  • Adobe Acrobat