Quality Assurance

The objective of our   quality policy is to provide international organizations with the highest quality services, in order to enable them to better grow and compete in a global market.

Our quality policy is implemented by continuously making our workflows more efficient; by reducing to minimum the possibility of faults and errors; by targeting the best interests of our clients; and by continuously monitoring customer satisfaction.



  • Provide efficient services at competitive prices, with strict adherence to deadlines
  • Reduce to a minimum the number of errors and mistakes, and strive for zero defects and customer complaints.
  • Implement advanced software tools and incorporate automation and intelligent workflows.
  • Be prepared to provide customer service at the expected levels, while eliminating all inherent risks that can occur in the work process.
  • Strictly impose proper behavior of employees, by ensuring that all business actions are done with integrity, honesty and according to a strict moral code of ethics.
  • Employ personnel and subcontractors that have the required academic and professional training, in order to ensure provision of high quality service to customers at the required levels.
  • Keep staff informed of the most recent development in the industry through appropriate training.
  • Supervise outsourcing of services according to the accepted standards.
  • Track the implementation and adherence to the quality policies of the company.


  • Getting started: We obtain the project & the assigned manager get it checked and totalize the task.
  • Quotation: we provide a detailed quotation and then wait for your approval.
  • Deputation: We receive the task and the Project Manager assigns it to the appropriate team.
  • Delivery: The Project Manager verifies the final work before release and confirms with you that all expectations are met. Changes, if any, are implemented after you have reviewed the work.
  • Follow up: The task is complete. Your feedback is crucial so, we send you a questionnaire and wait for your reply.